Maximum psp emulator

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Dear player! Now you have great chance to play PSP games using new, really greatest PSP Emulator.
Maximum PSP Emulator app turns your Android device into the real PSP with great amount of new features.
It has best functionality to emulate games, run them on full enjoyable speed.

MAXIMUM PSP Emulator is the real way to play PSP games really fast.
You will reach best performance and gaming experience!

What are the main advantages of maximum psp emulator?

Maximum PSP Emulator has various advantages and features which make it really great among other developments. Here you are only some of Maximum PSP Emulator advantages:

  1. REAL PSP console in your hands on Android device
  2. BEST GRAPHICS, high speed, pretty fine fps in games, large compatible list
  3. HIGH QUALITY SOUND, definitely great audio effects.
  4. VARIOUS ABILITIES like playing games in HD/4K resolutions and more
  5. SPEEDHACKS and modern features for most popular games


Over than 10.000 games are supportable by Maximum PSP Emulator. Whole PSP game library is now playable on your Android smartphone. Among other games, there are some special ones which are in the beginning of support list. Of course, these are PSP bestsellers, definitely greatest platform products.

Hundreds, thousands great PSP games in your hands with Maximum PSP Emulator!

Friendly asked questions about maximum psp emulator

Where exactly can I get games?

The best way for getting PSP games is dumping them from the Legal PSP UMD disc. But there are various different ways, including getting PSN digital versions. For more info you may email us. Also it is possible to find PSP games on the Internet using keywords "PSP ROM", "PSP ISO", "PSP CSO" and so on. But it is necessary to know that legal side of such actions is different in different countries. So, we support the basic way: dumping from UMD.

How exactly can I play PSP games on my Android device?

First of all, you need to install FAST PSP Emulator. Then, transfer ISO or CSO version of game to your memory card to the "PSP" folder. Next, it will be possible to run them directly from the Emulator interface. Please, note, that ISO format is strongly recommended, while CSO are compressed and can be rare unstable.

The game I play has various graphics, audio or fps issues, could you help me?

For sure, yes! You may always email us and have a technical support. Basicly, most games work fine without any additional settings. But sometimes it is necessary to redefine some items manually in settings menu. For example, change render mode and enable specific speedhacks. Please, email us and mention the game title you are trying to play and also model of your Android smartphone or tablet model.

Where can i get maximum psp emulator? get it rigth now!

Getting Maximum PSP Emulator is very easy!

Simply download app from Google Play and you will be able to get all recent updates at any time. Enjoy your favourite games and have fun, dear friend!

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Screenshoots and other useful information

Maximum PSP Emulator is created for educational purposes and based on PPSSPP emulator for PSP which is open source (GPL 2.0). Anyone may improve source and create own project based on, reach better performance in games. This is the best way for improving own programming skills and contributing to the gaming community. If you want to contribute and team up, just send us a letter via email.

For full credits see the Credits section where you will be able to find the authors of original Emulator (Henrick Rydgard, PPSSPP team), and also open and free technologies which were used in development.

Maximum PSP Emulator is being developed by Russian, Kazahstan and Ukrainian programmers team.